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Wife, Mother of 3, Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Professional Fundraiser


Native of Long Island, NY who is proud to have Jim, the love of my life of 31 years, three great kids: Alexis (21), Brittany (18) and David (15).  We moved to South Carolina seven years ago to enjoy the beautiful beaches and warm weather.


After working in public relations for a utility for 15 years, growing to a top producer in real estate, multitasking for several successful marketing companies, and owning my own salon in NY, I am thankful for the opportunity that Market America offers. In October of 2013, I opened my business as an Unfranchise Owner and have never been happier. After the experience of working in corporate environments for everyone else's gain, and even having my own business (with all the headaches that go with it), Market America is a perfect fit for our family. I can help others reach their financial goals, while helping my family fulfill our dreams. The time freedom, friendships, and the ability to help others make The Unfranchise Business one like no other.


My end goal is be able to give back to our military and veterans and provide housing and education to those that served for our country.



Boy Scouts of America - Advancement, Badge coordinator for Black River District

Board of Directors Riverwood HOA XII, SC

Fundraising Coordinator for Car Shows Northeast Region

Fundraising Coordinator for Animal Shelters --Grand Strand

Parent Ambassador for Connections Academy and SC Charter Schools



Janet and Jim Wheeler, Murrells Inlet, SC. 



Phil and Sue Guido   John  and Rose Mangione
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Jim and Janet Wheeler




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   Create you own economy and
change your financial future



Become an Entrepreneur


The Shopping Annuity


 Are you where you want to be financially?
Is your plan for the future working out?
SHOP.COM has reinvented the home business
model and created the future of franchising.
  SHOP.COM pays you cash for virtually all your shopping.  The Shopping Annuity® allows consumers to link all their household spending together to create income. 




SHOP.COM powered by Market America is truly a modern day version of franchising with a tracking system unlike any other business. 

Ranked in the top 100, SHOP.COM allows you access to sell 100's of your own branded products as well as over 85 million products from over 3500 retailers.

SHOP.COM gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to own one or more UnFranchise's, a business system that is designed to be built part time with the potential to earn up to $187,000 per year on each UnFranchise business you own.

                                                                                     To learn more, CONTACT US >

The UnFranchise® Business

It’s called an UnFranchise® because you have all the benefits of a franchise but do not have to pay a franchise fee, there are no monthly royalties, no territorial restrictions, little to no risks and minimal startup expenses. The great thing about Market America is that it is so many different things to so many different people. Despite education, background, age or experience, we have an equal opportunity for all. Individuals can start on a part-time basis, growing their business alongside a full-time job, or it can be built faster by devoting more time and effort.

Each UnFranchise® owner owns their own SHOP.COM website. SHOP.COM has partnered with thousands of popular name brand stores and companies including many of the nations top online stores. UnFranchise owners also have access to hundreds of SHOP.COM’s own exclusive  brands products. People actually get paid to shop and paid to share by referring others to shop from their SHOP.COM website. We have sophisticated software that tracks online purchases resulting in retail profits, commissions and an ongoing income for our UnFranchise® Owners.










$1,891,289,270  $3,830,082,805 




SHOP.COM pays customers cash back to shop at your favorite stores.  

SHOP.COM has over 3500 partner stores, 1000's of it's own brands and over

84 million products!

Learn more about the Shopping Annuity





SHOP.COM lets you turn your spending into earning


You can use your current spending to create an ongoing income.
It’s called the SHOPPING ANNUITY.


We all spend to live. We buy food, clothes, cleaning supplies, household goods, appliances, foot wear, drug store items, personal care items, shampoo, pet products, tools etc. You don’t have to change what you buy, simply change how you shop. By redirecting money you are already spending to SHOP.COM, you create and fund your Shopping Annuity.  

SHOP.COM has thousands of partners, including many, if not most, of your favorite online stores. After you shop, we take the money you already spent, and credit you with a form of social currency we call BV and IBV. We then use it to pay you an income.


By duplicating your efforts and sharing the ingenious Shopping Annuity concept with others you can create your own network of economically connected households, and fund your Shopping Annuity with all of the spending of anyone you lead to directly or indirectly.

You can continue to spend money and make profits for the companies you purchase from, and earn nothing.  Or, with a small shift in behavior and a little ambition, follow the SHOP.COM business system, and Convert Your Spending Into Earning with your own SHOP.COM business and create an ongoing income.

You are in the right place, at the right time, with the right business model; SHOP.COM powered by Market America.  Individuals across the globe have followed our proven business system to create the additional income necessary to do extraordinary things with their life, whether it’s owning that first home, traveling the world, or just creating more free time to enjoy with the family.

With our global community of entrepreneurs, we’re banding together, combining our economic buying power and using our sophisticated tracking system to make money.


We provide standardized training and support for every one of our business owners. We will educate and empower you to become as successful as you want to be.


Welcome to an opportunity like no other. Welcome SHOP.COM powered by Market America!


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Awards and Appointments:

    • Fastest Growing Distributor: 1996
    • Appointed to MA Advisory Council 1997
    • Jerry Siciliano Award: February 1999
    • President of Advisory Council 2000 -2003
    • MA Million Dollar Earner Club August 2001
    • MVP of Northeast Region: April 2002
    • NE Certified Internet Trainer of the Year 2002
    • E.Weber Award Winner: November 2003
    • Field Vice President: July 2008
    • MA nutraMetrix Consultant of the Year: 2008
    • MA Retailer of the Year, 2008, 2009, 2011
    • MA Internet Retailer of the Year: 2010
    • MA Customer Manager of the Year; 2010
    • MA Cashback Award Winner: 2010
    • Appointed to MA Corporate Team 2013
    • Appointed Director of Market United Kingdom 2013

Entrepreneur, Coach, Husband, Father, World Traveler
Helping Individuals create their own economy. Making a difference.


Most people spend their entire working lifetime making their boss's dreams come true while they remain "comfortably miserable." Or they manage their own business which eventually consumes them. They eat, sleep and work. No time to spend with the one's they love doing the things they really enjoy. It's called the 45 year plan... work 40 hours a week for 45 years and then try to live comfortably in retirement on half pay.


I spent 19 years as the owner and supervising pharmacist of a busy Long Island pharmacy. I earned a six figure income and had status in the community as a professional pharmacist and successful businessman and had what most people would consider the American Dream.


Even though I was successful, there was a price to pay. My success came at the expense of my time. I almost never saw my wife and two small children. And, with changes in my industry, I was getting extremely nervous and apprehensive about my future. When I heard about the UnFranchise, I was skeptical. I declined the opportunity and watched the progress of the company for more than a year before making a decision to give it a try.


That turned out to be the best financial decision I ever made. We have exceeded $1,000,000 in commissions earned are members of Market America’s “Million Dollar Club.” For my wife Sue, our two children Matthew and Danielle, and I, Market America has been an incredible experience.  We are enjoying life, spending lots of time together, traveling, and have made hundreds of new friends. We have been able to gain control of our financial future. The UnFranchise System has enabled us to create the lifestyle we have always dreamed about.


I hope you take the time to evaluate this fast growing, billion dollar company and the unique SHOP.COM UnFranchise Business System. I love this business and enjoy helping others reach success. Are you ready to find out how this might fit into your plans for a better financial future? Contact me and let's talk about it.


Phil and Sue Guido, Dix Hills, N.Y.


Speaker Engagements:

  • Market America International Convention - frequent featured speaker
  • MA World Conference, Miami, Florida- frequent featured guest speaker
  • MA Northeast Regional Convention - Director and featured speaker
  • Market Australia National Convention
  • Market United Kingdom Local Seminars and Events; England and Scotland
  • Market España Training Seminars and Events; Barcelona and Madrid
  • More International Seminars: Manilla, Fiillipines, Vancouver BC,
       Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia
  • MA Local Seminars in U.S.:  
       NY, CT, NH, ME, RI, PA, MD, DE, NC, SC, FL, OH, IL, WI, ND, SD, KS, TX, AZ,
       NV, CA, OR, WA, HI

The UnFranchise® Business System powered by SHOP.COM 


John & Rose Mangione


I am very fortunate to have a beautiful and supportive family. My wife Rose and my two beautiful daughters Deanna 17 & Nicole 16 are the reasons why I am focused and continue to build and create a better life for us.


I have been a Business Owner for over 35 years. I owned and operated a family business that I sold 12 years ago. I am the Vice President of the Local Chamber of Commerce, President of Ramona’s Gift to Music Foundation, and presently play saxophone in a jazz band. My greatest passion is spending time with my family traveling, going to the theater & golfing. After selling my business I started a digital marketing company and five years ago I was retained by one of my customers to set up national sales, marketing and distribution for a product they manufacture. This is the first job I have had in over 35 years. I realized that being an employee does not suit me. I began looking for a business venture where I could utilize my expertise and talent when I was introduced to Market America. After researching this company and learning about their products, I knew that it was a perfect fit for me. I started my Market America Unfranchise business in December 2012. MA has given me the opportunity to be my own boss again and most importantly to help others achieve their goals as well.  I am now on my way to time and financial freedom. I am building a solid future for my family with Market America part time while I still maintain my full time job.


My goal with Market America is to eventually leave my full time employment and once again, be my own boss. Market America has shown us how we can own and operate our own business so that we can make our dreams come true.  



John & Rose Mangione Smithtown NY


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The Shopping Annuity

Become an Entrepreneur with a SHOP.COM Business of Your Own

THE SHOPPING ANNUITY - Convert ordinary spending into earning

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Serious about owning your own business? As the President & CEO of Internet retailer, Market America, let me teach you how to create an ongoing income. Through revolutionary technology and the power of people, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs build successful businesses across the globe. -- JR


Using Social media to find out about things and tell others about market america &, is the great new way of utilizing one-to-one marketing! Make use of this great social media marketing by using Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube to get people on board with social shopping!






Convert Your SPENDING into EARNING



With over 3600 partner stores and over 84 million products to choose from, SHOP.COM pays you cash for virtually all your shopping.  The Shopping Annuity® allows consumers to link all their household spending together to create income. 

Learn more & get your own shopping annuity by clicking on the link below.


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JOHN MANGIONE*/PHIL GUIDO*  Independent UnFranchise® Owners, Market America, Inc.





Our Vision

Our vision is to present a solution to any potential customer, no matter what the circumstances. We are backed by an ambitious staff with the same drive to bring you the best possible service. The quality of what we offer combined with the care we provide is what makes us the best in town. But don’t take our word for it. Since 1980 we’ve annually been elected #1 in our business category by the Daily Post, and we plan to continue the tradition for years to come.

Our Business

We combine emerging technology with reliable standards to bring the best possible service to our customers. Our business is built on a foundation of strength through satisfied customers and equally satisfied staff. We are honored that nearly 90% of our business is through repeat customers or referrals, and we have been profiled in numerous local publications for our employee rewards programs.

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 1970 and has been growing ever since. It began with a meager staff of two friends—Randy Conroy and Lincoln Goodwin. Randy and Lincoln established a new standard in the area for distinctive service with a guarantee that was previously unheard of. The business spread mainly through word of mouth, and as more satisfied customers shared their stories with others, additional branches were added throughout the area. Now, we have five locations and a staff of 65 to serve you.


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