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Get The Facts about powered by Market America

There are tens of 1,000's of home base businesses out there for people to choose from.  Most of the options include outdated MLM's (multi level marketing companies), affiliate marketing programs and other smaller direct sales systems.  Before you start any business, you need to get facts.

Fact #1 powered by Market America has never had a down quarter since it's inception - That is over 93 quarters of profitability for the company and its independent distributors!

Fact #2
This business model pays out up to $187,000 residual cashflow on one business center.  
The average person can build 2.8 organizations successfully part time from home.  This business model was built on what average people can do - not what the company wants people to do.   If you want to earn even more income, you can open up multiple business centers. 

Fact #3
A compensation plan that pays out 100% on all volume generated from the organization on all levels!   This business system shares 100% of 100%, from the top down and the bottom up.  This Eliminates competition, drives faster profits for the entire team and creates a stable, profitable network.  











Owners are encouraged and allowed to place 100% of their efforts down to pay their business partners.  No other business has this!  


Fact #5
You and your customers get paid to shop!  With over 2500 exclusive products that we broker and 3600 partner store affiliates, you can earn retail profit and cash back for shopping on!
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The UnFranchise® System

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