Loren Ridinger

Tools of the Trade

Have ever wondered whether or not finding a quality make-up brush makes a difference? If so, you are not alone, but the answer is YES!

Makeup is a form of art; your face your canvas and brushes your tools to creating your masterpiece.  Using high quality tools / brushes when applying make-up is absolutely essential to providing a flawless look.

As such, prioritizing high-end cosmetics in your collection doesn’t mean much if you aren’t applying them with the proper tools. Using the correct brush can absolutely be the difference between a “flawless” finish and simply looking "messy."

Motives is proud to offer an amazing variety of high-quality brushes that will make your job, as the artist, simple and provide you with your desired results.

                                Shop 8 piece set                                                                                                                                            Shop 15 piece set

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Loren Ridinger

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