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We're Looking For People That Would Like To Get Started In This Business By Providing   Professional Websites   To Small Businesses Nationwide.
There Are Thousands Of   Business Categories   And Thousands Of Towns And Cities  From Every State In The USA Where Potential Clients That Do Not Have Websites Can Be Found. We Can Show How To Find Them. 
(We Have A Directory Of Every Town And City In The U.S.A. Organized By The State That They Are In. This Is Very Valuable Information And Can Be Emailed To You.)

After They're Found We Have Professional "Product Specialists"  That Can Show And Sell Them The Product.
It Costs Nothing But A Little "Sweat Equity" To 
Sell Websites 
Efforts Can Eventually Be Parlayed Into A   Residual Income
Marketing This And Other Products.

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We Are Looking For Talented  "Self Starting"  And  "Well Connected"  People That Could Build A Network Of People Marketing This And Other Products.

If You Know Anyone That May Be Interested Please Submit Information Below. Thank You.

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Thanks For Your Interest!
Bill Borneman


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