Being the skinny one in a family of dieters was fun. Until it went away.

As a dancer growing up in Michigan, I was a size 4—with curves. I regulated my food intake effortlessly—and watched my parents and sister try every diet in the universe. But after high school graduation, I began gaining weight, too.

Then came college—and the freshman 15…or 30. At The Ross School of Business (University of Michigan), I was using food to cope with the change in lifestyle (living in dorms, studying nonstop). I had entered a yo-yo dieting zone. When I turned 21, I asked my parents for a membership to Weight Watchers as my birthday gift. It worked—but only in the short term.

By then, I’d started Better Life Now LLC, counseling clients in nutrition, wellness and beauty from the inside out with skincare and cosmetics. Before I began guiding people through the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS™), I saw miracle after miracle—newly thin people who had given up their obsessions with food. Finally, I gave it a shot. I did the detox, and followed the plan—journaling, taking my supplements, seeking and providing support. I found my calling—and started leading groups to their personal nirvana.

Four years later, TLS transitioned my body (lean and toned), and liberated me from a potential lifetime of struggle. As a TLS coach and business ally, it’s become the ideal outlet for my marketing degree, my advertising background (Wunderman, L’Oreal, Redcats USA), my substantial energy, and my desire to teach. I am emphatic, experienced, passionate, informed—and I run my programs accordingly. As a result, I’ve helped my clients (including children, adults, even both my parents!) successfully navigate TLS.

Now, I run a thriving business helping clients remove fat, gain energy, get luminous skin, strategically supplement their eating plans, and create true wellness for life. I also partner with professionals who crave a second income—and gain independence in the process.

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