"Before I met Jenn, my clothes “wore” me. I felt like I had to conform to fitting in them—not vice versa. I was flabby, and walked around shrouded in discomfort and guilt.
Now, I feel healthier and lighter—all the time. When I hold my tummy in, I feel thin and muscular. I can now control my weight, my body, and my eating. I am in control."– Judy T.


"I had stopped doing Weight Watchers, and couldn’t seem to get back on track. I hid junk food in my drawers, ate it, beat myself up, then ate more in search of comfort. Worst of all, I have high cholesterol, and I began worrying about getting really sick.
I started going to weight loss support groups. That’s when I found Jenn. She talked about a whole new way of eating, and it both made sense—and was completely new to me.
Now I believe that anything is possible. Even though I slip at times, Jenn has taught me what to do to get myself going again. I know it’s possible to be healthy—and I am going after it with all I’ve got." – Linda B.


"In my 20s, 30s, and 40s, I had been a size 8-10. Once I hit menopause, my weight shot up, and I couldn’t keep it off. I got close to 200 lbs., at 5’6”, and hated myself. I tried programs, shakes, medications, even a weight loss doctor. My husband never said anything, but he didn’t touch me for ten years. In the last twelve weeks, I no longer think of food as a crutch. I’ve not only improved my physical appearance, I’ve also enhanced my emotional well being. Most importantly, I’m proud of myself. I feel like the person I was ten years ago; more outgoing and energetic, willing to take risks and have fun. Simply put, the Transitions program has saved my life."  –Mary K


"I have been a yo-yo dieter for 30+ years. I’m tired of it, and I need a change. Still, I came into this program feeling skeptical. In 12 weeks, I haven’t once felt deprived. For the first few weeks, I had the same “gung-ho” feeling I’ve had many times before, where I had absolutely no desire for sweets or fattening foods. I knew that feeling would come to an end at some point, and it did. But the difference this time has been that I have been able to indulge on occasion, and not feel guilty or beat myself up. With Transitions, I’ve learned that it’s perfectly okay to indulge in a “taboo” food once in a while, without killing the process. I have been more in control of my eating than ever. And my cravings have been minimal. I have learned how my body processes food; how many of the foods I’ve thought were “dietetic” were really not healthy; how certain food combinations keep you satisfied longer, staunching your desire to overeat. Now, I’m optimistic about being healthy first—with weight loss as a side effect. Thanks to Transitions, I can really understand how to make the best choices for my life—now."  – Carol C.


"At start: I have high blood pressure and take medication to control it (my father died of a stroke at 65). I would like to get off medication and have normal blood pressure, get down to a size 9-10 (from size 18), get rid of my belly fat, and stop feeling feverish all the time.
At 12 weeks: I now feel healthier and have a lot of energy. My refrigerator is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. I carry a small cooler to work every day filled with a healthy lunch and snacks. I feel lighter in all aspects of my life—weight and stress (so interconnected!). I thought that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for the calls. But I don’t miss them: it’s been so nice to speak to my support network every week.
At goal: I am at my goal size (9-10), and all my clothes fit. I got rid of my blood pressure medications. I am positive and confident, healthy and energetic. I cleaned out my closet and and got rid of all the clothes that were too big. I kept the clothes that are still too small, since they motivate me to keep going. And with Transitions, I know I can do it." – Theresa R.G.


"At start: Four years ago, I was a size 2-4, weighed 133 pounds, and loved my body. But going through a divorce, being overworked, and traveling constantly, I ended up gaining 35 lbs, and living with back pain from the extra weight. I was pretty depressed. Now, I want my strong body back, and I want to wear my hot clothes again. At 12 weeks: I lost some inches and my clothes feel looser. I have a greater bandwidth to be kind to myself and to notice what I am doing well. I traveled for 2 weeks to Mexico, and didn’t gain weight. Every moment, I can make a new choice, and that feels great. " – Mandy G.


"When my boyfriend and I broke up, I realized that I couldn’t fully love someone if I didn’t love myself. So I started Transitions. Now, I’m 110lbs and feel great. I stand with confidence, and I improve my posture everyday. I now go to the gym or clean my house when I’m bored—instead of running to the kitchen. I also make sure that I have fresh fruit and vegetables to eat. And I have a whole new wardrobe, too." — Cathy I.

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