Are you an entrepreneur? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Maybe you don’t think of yourself as an entrepreneur but know that you’re not happy in your current work situation?

 This is an era of educated professionals seeking meaning and fulfillment from their work. We want to spend our days enjoying what we do.  We don’t mind work, that’s not the issue; it’s the omnipresent stress over “stuff” that in the grand scheme of things, is relatively unimportant. And it’s realizing that the jobs we have won’t provide us with the life and lifestyle we truly desire.

 When we started our first jobs out of college, we had ideas of where we’d be in our careers at certain milestones in life. Most of us aren’t where we thought we’d be…the truth hurts.  What’s more, we realize our current path may not lead where we pictured.


So what do we do?

 It’s not work when you love what you’re doing, right?! What would you do every day, if money were no object? How would you spend your days if you didn’t have to work? That is, after you spend a couple weeks sleeping and relaxing to feel human again. In what areas are you an expert? When do your friends come to you for advice?

 Let’s take your answers to these questions and plot your new path. Together we’ll create your action plan to success.

 Connect with Jenn to start brainstorming!

Then check out our network of entrepreneurs who all started this same way.


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